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We believe that the Lemon Smoke smoke shop is currently the best online head shop around. Every customer who shops at our bong store receives top class support via email and a tracking number for their parcel, so you can find out exactly where your order is and when it will arrive. As a leading online head shop we know how important it is to our customers that their deliveries are discreet. All the crazy bongs that leave our bong store are discreet and never includes our website address or even our company name! On top of that our online smoke shop bills discreetly and dispatches same day. Lemon Smoke Head Shop operates purely online and includes a massive selection of smoking products such as glass pipes, bongs and water pipes for smoking. If you can't find what you are looking for here, then it doesn't exist! Please take a good look around our shop and enjoy your experience at Lemon Smoke Head Shop!


All of our waterpipes for sale have gone through our thorough testing and have proved to be high quality and worthy of sale to our customers. With bongs for sale in all materials such as glass to ceramic and high quality water pipes for smoking both herbs and concentrates you are sure to find your perfect tool at our glass pipe shop. If you have a question about water pipes or are confused about our bongs, simply contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Check out our friends collection of bongs at https://www.herbtools.com/bongs.html. We also sell all the coolest bong accessories such as precoolers, replacement water pipe downstems and glass smoking pipes. With huge brand names for sale and prestigious glass bongs blown with the thickest glass, why shop at any other bong websites?
No online head shop would be complete without a huge selection of smoke shop accessories such as jet lighters, rolling papers and groovy ashtrays. Here at Lemon Smoke online head shop we specialize in water pipes, but we understand that our customers do not just come here for our extravagant bongs, but also for the essentials. Browse our sections using the tool bar at the top of our website and you will easily find what you are looking for. We are responsible sellers, you must be of legal age to buy smoking products, in the UK this is 18 years of age or older but please check your local laws. You can read about the bad effects smoking has on your health at any of these sources;
Smoking is seriously bad for your your health, read the facts